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I often wonder, as a teenager, when we would be grown or free enough to talk about matters of love, masturbation, premarital, sex abortion and a host of others. Why do we decide to turn a deaf ear and keep a blind eye on issues like these, as if their occurrences in our everyday life are not real?


For me, Christianity is not just about lifting holy hands and bowing sacred heads and knees. A proper Christian space should also be concerned about the realities of life; the highs and lows, thins and thicks and the roughs and smooths. Jesus said that in the world we shall face tribulation.


Our background knowledge on the activities of witches and wizards has limited our understanding of tribulations to the spiritual—the unseen negative forces. However, I am pleased to inform you that tribulations might just have a new meaning, especially to the 21st century Christians. Tribulations to us range from succumbing to peer pressure to bitterness at the place of work.


Ifeoluwa Ijaopo

Ifeoluwa grew up in a Christian home; an atmosphere that encouraged devotion but not fanaticism, service to God but not eye-service. It was also an atmosphere of dedicated believers, but in the context of contemporary happenings, not real.


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