Exposition on Romans 1:18-32 - Pt. 1 - Ifeoluwa Ijaopo
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Exposition on Romans 1:18-32 – Pt. 1

So I was reading Romans 1:18-32.
This passage as a whole address several sections we have refused to open our eyes to as ‘Modern Christians’.

Let me do a quick exposition:

The understanding of God by us as Christians comes with knowing that God hates Unrighteousness, it’s like a default, when a true believer thinks of God, one of the first thing that registers into the mind is how you have to do ‘good’. The Bible also does not fail to emphasize how the righteous at the end will always overcome.

Another default setting is obeying His commandments. Learning how to please Him and what the required actions are. It is just like when you are in a relationship, the relationship becomes lasting and successful when we know what our partner likes and dislikes. When we make sacrifices, become trustworthy and responsible towards them.

His wrath is thereby kindled upon those who suppress the truth in unrighteousness. It’s simple, the passage further explains that these people who are suppressing the truth in unrighteousness are people that He has revealed Himself to through His works and His act.

The truth here is that they know that God is sovereign, they know God as existent and real, they have at one point in their life been helped by Him, but they instead of sharing and spreading this truth they have decided to hide the truth.

It went further to say, they were not thankful, a very good example is the children of Israel in the wilderness. They couldn’t have denied that there is a God, they cannot say that God has not come through for them severally, they cannot even say that God does not love them still we found several accounts of them full of complain.

In a bid to give themselves momentary solace, they thought they are wise but they were actually foolish, they created alternatives for themselves.

As believers we sometimes think that God is slow on a matter, we often also forget the wondrous things He has done in time past, we then begin to lean on our own understanding, look for solution, some even go to the extent of seeking other gods with graven images hoping to find a quick solution.

Forgetting all that the sovereign God has done at a moment in their lives. The repercussion is huge: and it stems from the fact that God can not condone to be belittled. He cannot stand sharing His glory with anyone.

This passage addressed people that have created God as an image to aid worship, the terrifying part for me is the fact that God gave them up for uncleanness.

Another reason this happened is because they worshipped the creature, I mean things He created rather than the Creator Himself who is blessed forever. Even as humans, we know how terrible we will feel when what we ‘made’ is used as a substitute for us, talk less of God.

Part of the commandment of God is that we should not have any other God beside him, thou shall not make any graven image.
A scripture ( Exodus 20:5) of the Bible also states that God is a Jealous God.

These things are clearly stated in the Bible. May I bring to your notice that in modern days there are ways in which we have created other gods for ourselves? This is different from the people that actually go deep down to seek ‘opon ifa’, pray with the ‘shigidis’, kill animals for sacrifice and the likes.

Unfortunately, these can be unknown to us but does not exempt or excuse the fact that we have done it, ignorance is not also tenable.

Acts like placing utmost priority on some things that will benefit us over things that will enhance our worship or close relationship with God is culpable.

Loving things or objects more than God and His work is culpable
Let me drive it home with a solid example, imagine that you have something as small as a gold chain, small in size but precious in value, it then gets lost, of cos it is humane to feel bad, you could even try to look for it everywhere at least make an effort to find it.

The moment you begin to feel anger, lose your cool, your peace, become inexplicably irritable and damn everybody and anyone because you lost your gold chain! it becomes that you have an attachment with this thing that has to be checked!

Your desire for anything should not be so great that if you don’t have it your world will come down crumbling.

Some people it is their car, you dare not scratch it, you dare not use your filthy hands to touch it when it’s just been washed.
The only thing that should determine or worth our excessive or obsessive clinging is God.

He is the one who is ever faithful. He has stated to His children that He doesn’t want to share.

Your car, your work, your spouse and all other unassuming things can come off as ‘graven image’. To avoid that they should be strategically placed under the one that owns your life: God.

Let’s continue Part II in the next post.

Ifeoluwa Ijaopo
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