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Know Your Purpose


By ‘people’ I mean Friends, Contemporaries, Colleagues,  Family,
By Culture I mean sentences like Culturally, this is how It is been done since the day of our forefathers. In our tribe, this and this is what you do.

By Norm I mean this is the conformed style, this is the acceptable way, this is the way to do it within the box created by the society
Most times this style by was created by a group of people that are long gone in the grave and never had the kind of life or lifestyle that now exist.

By Society and Environment, I mean the obtainable association of people around you.

It’s already obvious what I am trying to say but let me still say it

Everybody and all these parameters will have everything to say about you, who you are, who you are supposed to be, how you should act, how you should behave, what you should say and then the list goes on.

Sentences like this is “how them lagbaja” did it in their family, this is “how them lakasegbe” always do, the list is endless “jare”.

Inasmuch as that is not bad in a sense, in cases whereby we learn from it just to gain experience and information,  it becomes an issue when we apply the same thing because of the parameters above mentioned rather than the conviction we got as our own self.

Therefore,inability to identify your purpose will make you a shadow of who you really are.

All those mentioned above are ready to shape and also frustrate you, but the moment you can Identify your purpose,  and you maintain your life in that line, you are sure going to make the best use of them all.

Connection to God your maker allows you to identify your purpose selflessly and that is why you won’t be conformed to this world,  you will have transformation by the renewal of your mind, your walk, talks, and actions will be intentional according to the direction you have received from God.

Hosea is my example, God told him to marry a harlot,  it’s very easy for you to say God told me to marry that very spiritual sister.

Abraham is also an example, God told him to sacrifice Isaac, and another lamb was given to him by God, imagine that there is another copycat around the corner or imagine that Abraham’s walk with God was not continuous,  he heard the GO and not the COME

Let’s just walk out our own lives by our self according to our personal purpose. That which we have received.

That is one hard work everyone has to do when you do that successfully your life begins to soar!!

You only live once.
Live your own Life
Live your best life Now
Be Good
Be Nice
Be YOU!!
When you get moody…Lick a lot of Ice Cream, take like 2 or 3 cups😜😜😋😋🤣
(if you have no health challenge ni sha o)🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Ifeoluwa Ijaopo
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